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Reading Homework

Pupils reading homework is to read at home every night. Each pupil should have a Reading Record which you can sign once your child has either read to you or on their own for at least 10 minutes.

Pupils collect Class Dogo points depending on how many times they have read each week. There are small rewards for children who gain 14 points each half term.

We subscribe to e-Bug Club. Pupils have access to this from home and can therefore read on the computer, a lap top, tablet or mobile phone. This too counts towards Dojo points.

Spelling homework

The spelling documents outline which spellings we expect our pupils to be able to spell by the end of each half term. Pupils also need to understand what the word means and to be able to use it in a sentence. Pupils' homework is to learn how to spell two or more of these words each week and to be able to spell all of them by the end of the half term.

There is also a document which explains how you can help your child at home with learning to spell including lots of different games and activities.  It also lists the National Curriculum objectives for spelling by year group and also the specific curriculum words children should know how to spell.

For all documents please click on the link below.

Maths homework

Design and Technology (D & T)

In week 4 of each half term there is a D & T project for the pupils to complete at home with or without parent support. Click below for the current project and the most recent previous ones.


D & T Projects

D & T